For several years our Director of Music and Art, Matthew Curl, has been "re-tuning" old hymns and prayers for use in our worship services. His endeavors have been part of a worldwide movement that has sought to create new and fresh melodic arrangements for old, theologically rich hymns and texts.


Intown / Communion Vol.I

1. Rock of Ages / Listen-Download / Lead sheet

2. According to Thy Gracious Word / Listen-Download / Lead sheet

3. Not What My Hands Have Done / Listen-Download / Lead sheet

4. Let Us Break Bread Together / Listen-Download / Lead sheet

5. Christ Jesus Lay in Death's Strong BandsListen-Download / Lead sheet

6. O Love that Will Not Let Me GoListen-Download / Lead sheet

7. Thy Works, Not Mine, O ChristListen-Download / Lead sheet

8. In Mercy BrokenListen-Download / Lead sheet

9. Father, Remember MeListen-Download / Lead sheet

10. I Hunger and Thirst For You, O LordListen-Download / Lead sheet

11. Savior, Blessed SaviorListen-Download / Lead sheet

12. Come to the Savior Now / Listen-Download / Lead sheet

13. A Hymn to God the FatherListen-Download / Lead sheet

14. The Lord's PrayerListen-Download / Lead sheet