a safe place to explore, find, and grow in faith

Welcome to Intown!

Since 2001, Intown has sought to help people meet God, grow in relationship with Him and each other, and seek the peace and prosperity of Portland through the creative expression of the historic Christian gospel. So, we are a young congregation with very old roots.

In our fast-paced and fragmented world we believe that the church's most ancient resources are still its best, and so in all our gatherings our hope is that you would encounter the historic gospel articulated in a manner that actually connects with your daily life and biggest questions.

We recently became a member of the Reformed Church of America, the oldest Protestant denomination in North America. You can read more about the RCA and its theological orientation on their website by clicking here. The RCA is fairly unique in that it has a clear theological orientation at the national level without expecting total uniformity among each of its churches. It provides local churches the ability to contextualize according to the needs of their local mission. 

Core Values

  • Lead With Love: Jesus led with love. This not only was a defining feature of his leadership but love was his fundamental orientation to the world. Intown exists to lead people into a transformative experience with the love of Jesus.

  • Welcome Into Community: Jesus extended a radical welcome to everyone. We therefore extend welcome to the same people he did. Intown seeks to be a safe place to belong, to doubt, to fail, and to grow.

  • Heal With Hope: Jesus gave people hope that tomorrow doesn’t have to be the same as today. He came to bring life, to renew his people and his world with the hope of new creation. Intown exists to enable and inspire people to live by and be changed by the radical hope of Jesus.

  • Growing in Grace: Jesus freely welcomed broken people and taught that spiritual transformation came through knowing him and living in a gospel-centered community. Intown exists to draw people into the orbit of grace and instruct them in its daily practice.

  • Send Into Service: As the Father sent Jesus so he sends us. If we are part of the church then we are sent as surely as he is. Intown exists to be the “hands and feet” of Jesus in Portland, to be the agents of his healing presence in the world.

How to Get Connected

We know that it can be hard to get connected to people sometimes, so that's why we want to make it as easy as possible for you to get to know us here! Here are a few ways to connect to us here at Intown:

  • Sunday Mornings: We meet every Sunday with our worship service starting at 10:30 in the morning. We meet at The Old Church which is located at 1422 SW 11th Ave, Portland, OR. Parking: Please be aware that street side parking is free until 1pm. There is a pay to park lot adjacent to the Old Church as well. We would love to see you there this Sunday!

  • Community Groups: We have community groups all over the city that meet throughout the week. We believe that God can do amazing things through community, so please feel free to come visit one! Email Brian at brian@intownchurch.com for more info.

  • Serve with Intown: Serving is essential to becoming well connected to our body here. Check out how you can serve here! Email Matt at matthew@intownchurch.com for more info on how to serve.

  • IntownU: We have a whole class just for new-comers! Come meet other people in the same place as you as well as hearing about what Intown is all about! Email Brian for more info: brian@intownchurch.com


Check out our event page to see how you can get connected!