Are You a Prisoner of Your History

Are you a prisoner of your history? Do you sometimes feel as if your life is on auto-pilot? Do you wonder "why did I do that?"

I'm sure that all of us have felt this way at times, and it's frustrating. Because we live with ourselves 24 hours a day it seems like we should be the foremost expert on ourselves, how is it even possible that we can go through life and not know ourselves all that well?!

These are some of the questions that lie in the background of our fall sermon series:Awakening to Ourselves. We're using the Enneagram to organize this series but the sermons are not really "on" the Enneagram. Like we did with punk music during our "Punk God" series a few years ago, and similar to the way that we use Lent and Advent to organize a group of sermons, this fall we're using the Enneagram in much the same way.

The Enneagram isn't really the subject matter of the series, and the point of these sermons isn't really to get you take the test or become an expert on your number. The point of the series––as it always is at Intown––is to help people understand and move toward Jesus.

Though I'm personally a big fan of the Enneagram, in a certain sense, it's just a prop. People in an outside of the church are talking about and using the Enneagram and I'm hoping to leverage this preexisting conversation to bring the gospel in through a “side entrance” so that we can encounter Jesus in a fresh way.

So, whether you're curious about the Enneagram, have used it extensively, or think it sounds kinda weird and wonder why we're talking about it in church, I'm confident that God can use this in your life to grow closer to him.

I hope you can join us.