Dance Like No One's Looking

I just got back from a Father / Daughter dance with Abi, where people - DANCED! Dancing is something I don't do, or at least don't do well. 

But, instead of sitting with the sad dads who were clearly too uncoordinated to risk embarrassing their daughters by dancing, and so mostly sat around the edges, I embraced the awkwardness and went for it. 

Abi and I even competed for best daddy / daughter pair - we were ROBBED!

What a powerful juxtaposition this event provided the night before preaching on Body Image! Because I had no choice but to embrace the weird, to put my gangly dance moves on full display.

And, guess what. I survived. In fact - I had fun!

We are more than what we can or can't do with our bodies - on the dance-floor and otherwise. We are more than how we measure up to the ever-changing standards of beauty that our culture has deemed normative. But, we have to believe this with more than our minds, we have to "believe" it with our bodies by acting out what we want to be true. 

So, dance like no one's looking.  

We're gonna talk about this tomorrow. Not dancing, but an alternative basis for human identity and our embodied life where our body/self image comes from something deeper than our skin.