You Are Not What You Own

This is a repeated line from “Merchandise”, one of my all-time favorite Fugazi songs as well as one of the best representations of punk’s anti-corporate and anti-materialistic posture. Though Fugazi’s sound isn’t likely to appeal to everyone (I wouldn’t say that my wife is a huge fan) when they rail against greed it’s far more than a posture or an affectation.

Fugazi is known for charging $5 for a ticket to their live shows and not setting up “merch” tables to try and get people to overpay for a t-shirt which is essentially an ad for the band. They also turned down lucrative recording contracts with major labels and regularly decided against playing the festival circuit where they could have charged tens of thousands of dollars for one show.

So, they’re probably the perfect band to help us consider what God has to say about contentment and money. Here’s “Merchandise.”