COMMUNITY - The First Word of our Mission Statement

Deborah Tannen is a linguistics prof at Georgetown, she write’s in her book: That’s Not What I Want, "We need to get close to each other to have a sense of community, to feel we’re not alone in the world. But we need to keep our distance from each other to preserve our independence, so others don’t impose on or engulf us. This duality reflects the human condition. We are individual and social creatures. We need other people to survive, but we want to survive as individuals."

We desperately want to be known but we also love our independence. We want a connected life, known AND loved, but this makes us anxious. 

We'd rather people NOT see our weaknesses, NOT encroach upon our time, NOT call us for help when we're relaxing. 

But, we are made in God's image and thus made for community. "It's not good that man is alone" - there's something that we need that even God doesn't provide immediately...without the mediation of other creatures.

We only find our identity - our genuine selves, our true humanity embedded in community - not in isolation.

So, Intown is designed to be a community where you can be known without fear because ALL of us are in process, ALL of us need the gospel. It's only in that kind of community, one that is radically-accepting, that we can live into our full humanity and full potential.