A New Sermon Series is Upon Us

Other than taking a small break during Advent, we've been looking at Paul's letters to the Corinthians since September of last year...29 sermons! (I'm sure you remember them all.) 

Well, it was a great journey and I learned a lot but now I'm ready to move on, and perhaps you are too.  

This summer we are going to be looking at 10 of the great prayers of the Bible. I hope that this series will not only be encouraging and draw you closer to God, but also enable us all to better learn how to pray. 

These sermons will generally be shorter - it's summer after-all! And, alongside this series we will begin reading through the Psalms in order during our Psalm reading each week. This week we will read Psalm 1, next week Psalm 2, so forth and so on. 

We won't be able to read the entirety of every Psalm because of length (have you seen Psalm 119?!) but if you worship with us regularly you'll get to hear/read every Psalm every 3 years or so. 

There are 150 Psalms and 52 weeks in the year so that's just under 3 years to get through them all. However, with breaks during special seasons like Lent and Advent, it will take a little longer. But, imagine how reading and praying through the Psalms every 3 years could complement and perhaps enhance your personal prayer life! 

I hope that this will enrich our worship together and provide a more systematic exposure to the Psalms. Below you'll find the outline for our sermon series - The Great Prayers of the Bible if you would like to read along/ahead.