Matthew's Not Helping Me This Week!

Matthew the gospel writer, not Matthew Curl! He's not helping me this week! 

I knew that when I chose to do a core values series out of one book that I was limiting myself somewhat; no single book addresses all that I hoped to say about our church. 

Matthew comes pretty close but I've had a whale of a time finding a workable text for this week's sermon on the historical rootedness of Intown. The fact that we're preaching from the Bible is a start - we are deliberately rooting ourselves in the Scriptures. But, there's no passage in Matthew that directly addresses or commands the church to find their bearings in the ancient creeds and confessions. 

So, I hope you'll bear with me as this week's sermon may feel a bit more like I chose the topic and then tried to force it into a passage. Frankly, that's partly true, but I do think that the subject matter is deeply important as we continue to define who we are as a church. 

On Sunday we will begin looking at the term "Historic" in our mission statement. The first of these three sermons is entitled "I'm Not Making This Up" and will be dealing with how Intown fits into the history of Christianity and where we find our most significant theological rootage.