So, it turns out I'm not an accountant.

Our volunteer bookkeeper Scott Bowman has been on vacation recently, and so when Matt Curl and I were preparing the bulletin we realized that it was time to update the giving chart that we print in the announcement page. 

So, being the liberal arts major that I am, I opened up our bank account and figured that determining our giving for the month of April would be as simple as adding up all deposits made during the month. I got $34,348. My math was correct, meaning that all of the figures I added up, did in fact equal $34,348 (I used a calculator.)

But, as it turns out, accounting is a bit more complicated and some of that $34K was already included in March giving.


So, the actual giving figure for April was $28,362. That's not a whole lot less, in fact, that's still a good month of giving - slightly above our anticipated need. For the year, that puts our giving at $108,160 which is within striking distance of our $110,000 budget! 

So, great job everyone...everyone but me. ;)