Doubting Doubt

T. Bone Burnett is a Grammy winning record producer, musician, and music curator for films like “Oh Brother Where Art Thou.” He’s a Christian but doesn’t make explicitly Christian music.

Instead, he’s an observer of the human condition, of the loves and wants of humanity and he says, as a Christian, “my ministry is to making doubters of unbelievers.” 

That’s fair right? If we’re going to doubt belief, if we’re consistent shouldn’t we doubt our doubts? Shouldn't we be critical of unbelief? 

To me, Qohelet - the teacher in Ecclesiastes seems to have the same ministry as T. Bone Burnett. Both are working to undermine the promises of this world. They're trying to tell us that if we're trying to find substantive meaning in this world, we're going to be disappointed.

We'll wrap up our study of Ecclesiastes tomorrow night in our Ash Wednesday service. We'll be looking at chapter 12 under the heading of "One Last Thought."