The Reformation, Four Months Later

Back in December I promised to write some thoughts on The Reformation and how we should celebrate it. Well, I failed. 

Many blogs languish in inattention for months, but I've actually thought about this post many times and have even written 3-4 drafts.

But, each time I was unhappy with my own writing, or I thought of a dozen things left unsaid that could create fodder for people who might be discontent with the post.

But, the other night I read a few blog posts from Peter Leithart on the future of Protestantism that seemed to say a lot of the things that I would have said. I don't agree with everything he said, but he was able to say some of the things I was hoping to with more brevity.

He was delivering a paper at an academic conference which I didn't attend and have not had the chance to watch the videos, but these two posts, after the fact, captured the gist of some of my thoughts about the Reformation.

So, give these a read.

Part 1

Part 2